Couch to 5K

Mind Over Matter.... I minded, but it didn't matter!

So this morning was W6R2. I was really not looking forward to doing this run, the air was still really sticky at 6.30 this morning and I had already come back with a sweaty t-shirt from walking the dogs for 40 mins...

But I was not prepared to take an extra rest day, there was no room to talk myself out of this today. As I have found out previously, its more of a mental challenge after a while. And if I start talking myself out of it, well, it would just be a slippery slope... Besides I like the buzz, I like the fact that I am literally dripping with sweat from doing this. The sense of achievement is far greater than sitting on the sofa doing nothing.

I am now gaining a sense of pride about what I am doing for myself - I have started telling a few close friends now that I am doing this, and they are surprised but pleased for me. All have said 'I hate running, good on you' which is what my response would've been a few weeks ago if one of my friends told me they had started the C25K program!

So W6R2 is now in the bag. Even with the awful podcast music that seemed to have appeared this week :)

Roll on R3.

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Well done you. :) I struggled today with my first run of week 2, but reading blogs like yours always gives me hope and inspiration. I felt the podcast music today was an improvement from week 1, and I'm starting to think that the real reason for the choice of music is to push you on so that you can get on to next weeks' podcast and listen to something else, lol.


Thank you! Well done you for getting out there and onto week 2. I think the 1st & 2nd weeks were the hardest for me - being so unfit and struggling to get a natural breathing rhythym didn't help! Up until this week I have found the music ok, but now it varies between telephone hold music & heavy beats! At least it gives me something else to think about rather than the time :)

Good luck for your next run!


Well done doggymum thats some workout you have too, 40 minutes doggy walking then your running just after that, you must be fit now even though you said you weren't when you started C25K. Its funny you know for years we women did everything to try and stop ourselves from sweating, in fact we would never even admit to doing it, I mean ladies glowed they didn't perspire!!. Now I'm like you, I get a real sense of achievement when I get back from a run and its dripping from me!! What a transformation many of us have gone through in just a short time. :) Wishing you all the best for the rest of the programme.


I like to give my girls a good run out :) and it depends on my husbands shifts how long we go for. One week its in the morning, which are the shorter walks as I have to get home to get ready for work, and the next week we have longer walks in the evening as there is no rush to get home. Not sure how long we will be out for in the dark in the winter though as we go over fields and walking for 40 mins doing laps around the local park doesn't seem as exciting!

And I've always perspired heavily when doing any form of exercise which can be quite annoying when people in your exercise class haven't even 'got warm'!! But I don't mind this for some reason :)


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