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Week 11 run 1

Well people, today I ran 8 miles in 1hour 23 mins. Extremely hard work but I enjoyed every minute of it.

First 5 miles flew by then I started to get tired and questioned the sanity of increase from 6.3 to 8 miles. I just kept telling myself 1 foot in front of the other keep going you can do this. Mile 7 was the hardest mile I have ever done on the last 11 weeks, then mile 8 suddenly got a second wind and it was over in no time whatsoever.

Totally over the moon I completed 8 miles that's a new best for me but I think I will stick at 8 miles now for a few weeks before increasing distance again.

To all those naysayers and anal retentive people who insist on commenting saying you shouldn't do this or you shouldn't do that, I have two words for you the first one starts with an F and the second word is off can you guess what it is?

Please follow instructions carefully and go get a life. Instead of dragging people down.

To everyone else from beginner to seasoned veteran keep on jogging guys and I hope you have as much success and enjoyment that I am having.

And yes folks I am going to treat myself to a chocolate covered doughnut.

Yum yum.

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