Couch to 5K

W5R1 - Never thought I'd get this far!

Just back from W5R1. This was the first run I've done taking the dog as well. He seemed confused as to why his 'walk' was running to and fro along the same stretch of bridlepath but didn't complain!! I found the first 5min run hard, the second ok and the last one was best of all - seemed to get my breathing better. Will do W5R2 hopefully on Wednesday but might repeat W5 as I've got a 10k charity walk for the local hospice on Friday night so definitely won't being doing the third run on Saturday!

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Well done! I also did week 5 run 1 this morning and found the second 5 minutes the hardest and the third the easiest.quite looking forward to the second runs on Wednesday but my inner self keeps telling me that I can't possibly run for twenty minutes and i'm fighting with her all the time!!! Friday will soon come around as well. Good luck with the walk.


I know how you feel - but trust the plan! Each time I've not felt ready for the next stage but my body keeps on surprising me! Look forward to hearing that you've done the 20 mins, sure you will - good luck!


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