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Getting back on the horse

So first blog, thought I'd give a bit of background to begin with. I first got into running when I was at university, almost 4 years ago. I followed a program similar to this one (although without podcasts - I used a good old-fashioned watch) and built up from 1 minute runs up to 30 minutes, kept going, and eventually ran 5 miles a couple of times. Amazingly, it only took me 3 or 4 months to reach that point. But then, final year exams and dissertations got in the way, and I quit. Moved back home, and ran no more.

Since then, I've made several (unsuccessful) attempts to get back into running. These attempts have been beset by a combination of lack of will-power, and injuries. I have weak ankles, and a couple of sprains have meant no running for a few weeks - my last attempt to get back into running was in February, and I was about four weeks in when I sprained my ankle during a run, which sent me flying! I'm also plagued by a dodgy knee which gets worse and worse the more I run, but I've bought an ice pack now, so I'm hoping that is going to help this time.

You'd think that as I've already completed a similar program, I'd find things easier, but my many failures since have actually given me a massive mental block, and the idea of running for 30 minutes seems completely impossible to me. I should also mention that I am very (ie several stone) overweight, and it feels like a LOT of effort to lift myself off the ground when I'm running!

I started the NHS C25K program a couple of weeks ago.

When I did the first week, 1 minute of running was every bit as hard as the first minute I ran four years ago. I considered repeating the first week, but decided that actually, although it had been difficult, I'd never actually thought about stopping during a run, so therefore it hadn't been challenging, as such. So I moved onto week two. Week two WAS challenging, lol. But I completed the three runs, and moved onto week three this weekend.

I did the first run of week three yesterday, and again, it was challenging, but not a killer. Before starting the final three minute run, I was doubting whether I'd make it, but actually, I had enough energy left to speed up a bit when Laura told me there was only one minute to go, and a little bit more for the final 20 seconds. I think it helps that you only have to actually run four times during these sessions.

I should also mention that I started calorie-counting at the same time as starting the program, as I think losing weight will make running much easier because I won't have so much of me to lug around. I always compare the extra effort required to a thin person running whilst carrying a small child. I'm feeling quite motivated with both running and dieting at the moment, so hopefully will be able to stick with it. I lost 2½ lbs the first week, and just ¼ lb the second week (weighed myself this morning - last week's loss was probably not helped by the Dominos pizza I ate over the weekend!). Hoping to drop 1lb this week, fingers crossed.

So that's it for now, apologies for the epic post, but wanted to give the background to get things started. I'll keep future posts shorter, I promise. Wish me luck!

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good luck! hope it goes well.

When I started (I am on week 7 now) I used to feel my arse flopping up and down as I was running - sorry, that's the only way I can describe it!! but now already I am noticing the difference and am more toned and seeing real changes which are making me feel a lot more positive. I have a stone to lose before I am classified as overweight,not obese so I know how hard it is, but if I can do it, I really believe anyone can......


Good luck with the program, it really works.

I started in february, and alongside slimming world.

Have lost 20 pounds..... slow but sure.... but more importantly have changed shape around legs, bum and tum.

Keep going and you'll be fine :)


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