Couch to 5K

It's been a while....but all over now!

I last posted after a very tough run during week 8 but the comments and support gave me a huge morale boost! I got back out, repeated weeks 8 and 9 to make sure I completed the 5k and I graduated both my degree and Couch to 5k in the same week. So, what now? Well, I am still running and have just completed two weeks of 10k runs, so happy! To anyone who is going through the Couch to 5k, you really can do it and will be amazed what that extra bit of fitness can lead you on to. Keep up the runs!

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Well done OllyM graduating twice in one week thats brilliant. Good to hear you are still going strong too and now running 10K's. I didn't want to do 10K's for some reason but the longer I have been graduated the more tempted I am becoming at having a go, will wait and see what the new Podcasts have on them I think.


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