Bye Bye Week 5 Run 3!


Can't honestly believe that I have managed to do this run on my first attempt. Was feeling so nervous these past couple of weeks and today was no exception. For some reason it just flowed. Normally I do not get comfy until my second run of the workout and I was panicking due to the fact im usually dying by end of run 1, Pumped up run 2 and then the last one back to dying.

All I can say is...the plan works!


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  • great to get thisone done, isn't it? Week 6 is my favourite because the 2 with intervals really get you prepared for the 25minutes in r3. look forward to hearing how you get on. Well done and good running:)

  • It certainly does feel great to get over this hurdle... looking forward to W6!! Great job :)

  • Disbelief is a common denominator after this run... We all felt it! It seems such a leap of faith I know but it works!!! Well done on a great run jennstron.

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