Couch to 5K

first long run since graduation

Staying in a hotel with a gym first time in my lifeI have used one on holiday.

Was worried as its over a week since I graduated and have been running outside (badly) but starting wit week one again.

Anyway got going and suprised myself with actually doing 32 minutes not to bad but still no quicker but I think the 5k will happen one day in the future.

What suprised me more today was how relaxed ~I was once i got going even though I was listening to week 9 i wasnt scared of failing. I was doing it because I wanted too. Did I just say that.

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Nice to relax and enjoy running for the sake of it! Starting to feel like that times! Enjoy your holiday. Im planning to use treadmill on mine as Turkey will be too hot to run, but havent tried running indoors on C25K so it may be a new experience. Just think of what you will be able to do when back from your hols, 5K is nearly there.


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