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Got to keep it up

2nd run of week 10, 2nd after graduating. Well today I decieded perhaps 4 miles is too much of a step so have upped my run to 3.5miles today. I made it in 31.57 mins averaging 9.13 miles, not bad even if I say so myself. However, I have to get my stamina up and run for longer so my goal is now going to be running 35mins on my next run and do that for 2 weeks the distance seems to come with practice. I need to be running 10km or 6.2miles by 9th September as I am running in a 10k, I am not worried about my 5k in august I have already proved to myself I will do that no problem. On a last note it was nice to run in sunshine for a change


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jooniemac - you are really going some, 9 min miles ! I'm really impressed as I had a sneaky look at your blog/comments and noted that you are one year older than me. I want to run that fast!

I'm definitely going to do the B210k training and hope that makes me fitter and stronger.


It just kinda happened that speed, i think grit and determination help lol. Its still not easy but when I finish I think oh that was good. I have to concentrate on running for longer instead of faster, heres to us and 10k


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