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I can run for 3 minutes - woo hoo!

Week 3 already - this is flying by.

Went out for my first run of week 3 today. Really wasn't convinced that I could do it, run for twice as long as Friday BUT I did it and didn't feel to bad :D

I have a wonky hip and it was giving me grief last night, took painkillers but I decided to ignore it today and it was fine. Still struggling with breathing, I use my asthma inhaler before I go out. My breathing was better for the first half of the runs so hopefully it's getting better.

5k still seems like an impossible target but Laura said that if I stick to the podcasts she'll get me there so I have chosen to believe her :)

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well done, I love "I have chosen to believe her " just shows how powerful the mind is. With an attitude like that you'll make it. Week 3 is a great one to complete and yes, it will take work to breath but Laura will give you tips and you can put them into practice evne when you aren't running so your mind and body get used to it. Look forward to hearing how you get on. :)


Laura's telloing the truth you'll be finishing week 9 before you know it! Well done and keep going :)


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