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incredible tiredness

Hi all. Im just going on to week 6 run 3 and since I started this programme, Ive just been dog tired . It not a normal tiredness, but extreme tiredness to the point that some nights I just flake at about 8 pm.On the bright side, Ive been sleeping better.

Anyone else have the tiredness.?

(by the way its not down to not eating as Ive been eating more since I started and can say Ive probably gained rather tghan lost these few weeks).

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Have you had your iron level checked recently? I am tired on the days that I run but not otherwise (on week 6 R2). I sleep very well run days - almost as well as my darling dogs who come with me!


i would visit your gp in the next week or so and mention youve been on the programme. it may or may not be related but as Rhona says they may check your iron level. have you any other symptoms? it could be thyroid problem or any number of things.

it may simply be combination of the new excercise and warm weather. especilly as you say its only noticable your run days

you could try energy drink?


If you are geting through the day and sleeping well at night there doesn't seem much to worry about. You don't say what time of the day you are running. Can you change it?


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