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W6 R3 done!!

I did my final run of week 6 yesterday - I am really chuffed I made it to the end but I'm still waiting for that run where it all seems to be easy and I get some sense of euphoria from pounding along........

Also I just keep imagining that Laura on the podcast is sitting there stuffing her face with a cream cake whilst pausing occasionally to tell us to keep at it and how proud we should be of ourselves.....

Roll on week 7 - onwards and upwards!!!

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Well done you, keep it going, I did run 3 of wk 1 this morning and I feel deaded lol, legs numb, but still pleased with myself, can't wait to get to your stage, oh and Laura cream cake thing, more like a huge American cheese cake lol. Well done you and keep going. It is a massive achievement to be where you are :-) well done


Thanks Jimbob, let me tell you the weeks fly by - and when I had done the first week getting to this point seemed improbable so there you go!!! keep at it!!


Ah happyharris, you sound just like me! :-D


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