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W2R1today - New trainers first

Right getting serious now, shins hurt a little and I'm thinking my ten year old reebok court trainers are probably not doing me any favors.

So I've been having a bit of a read up & I know I run on the outside of my feet, every pair of shoes I ever had wears down on th outside heal first.

So am I right in saying I need a pair of cushioned running trainers? Think so & I'm guessing the planks that work in sports direct probably won't have a clue.

It's proper raining here & I've gotta go shopping so expect loads of cursing & complaint in tonight's post.

Any thoughts on good trainers would be appreciated.

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You are right I doubt that the staff in Sports Direct will be able to give the right advice. I would recommend that you go to a proper running shop and get your gait anaysled. They will then advise on what type of trainers are the best for you and the way you run.

Happy shopping :)


I am a devout Saucony customer. After your analysis, you may want to try the Hurricane 14 or Omni 11. They both provide stability. Also, you may want to get some replacement insoles, because the ones that come with most sneakers don't provide much support. Good luck with your search.


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