Couch to 5K

Chester Zoo 5K Fun run

Thought this was a novel way of running a 5K in the grounds of Chester Zoo before it's opened to the public, should be good fun and a gentle way of getting into event running. A group of us are running this - some will walk and others run - they are going to start C25K training, encouraged by me who Iike them, couldn't run for toffee 9 weeks ago........due to graduate on Monday!!!!!!! Charity run in aid of the Black Rhino - entrants up to 200 limit. Event organised by zoo staff who are keen runners. Check out website; for those who are interested.

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Oh, I wish I was nearby - this sounds great! Have a wonderful time.


Thanks, I'm really looking forward to it - it's not until September so my chums should get some training in before then. I'll blog how it's all gone on the day.


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