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I can run for 20 minutes (W5R3)!!!

It hurt, and I wanted to quit in minute one, but I slogged it out for the full twenty minutes. Really noticing that my breathing/lung capacity has improved since the start of the programme but my legs were feeling the pain today.

It's such a mental challenge! I tried to focus on anything other than what I was doing, because the thought of 19 more minutes was too overwhelming, so (following some advice from one of the bloggers) I just narrated a little commentary on what I was seeing as I went e.g. 'There's some houses... and a tree... I wonder what kind of dog that is...' etc. That totally helps.

I have been measuring my time/distance using the Endomondo app for the last 4 runs and while I'm doing a good overall distance, I think my times are really slow - about 8-9 minutes per kilometre. I definitely want to improve my times when I get past week 9.

Funnily enough, they were setting up for a 5k in the park as I was running, and when I was reaching the last 5 minutes I went past the 'finish line'. I intentionally didn't go between the posts because I'll save that for a real 5k but it did feel like a rehearsal for the future!

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great work! it's lovely to get that first 20 minute run out of the way, isn't it? Onwards and upwards from now on.:) You have such a positive attitude, you're certain to make it. I found week 6 a good week and I'm sure you will too. The 2 interval runs are great for making sure you are well prepared for the run at the end of it and we look forward to hearing how you get on next week :)


Well done, did mine on Thurs and it is such a great feeling when you finish!


Well done. It is definitely an achievement when you get to the 20 minute mark.


Oh, yay you!

I did mine today as well - what a slog! :)


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