Starting week 5 on Monday!!!

Starting week 5 on Monday!!!

Well, I'm starting week 5 on Monday and I can't believe how quick It's come around! I could hardly run for a minute on week 1 and I finished week 4 today quite easily. I wouldn't win any prizes for speed but I'm listening to everyone on here and also Laura who keeps telling me to lightly jog.I must say I'm a bit nervous about my ability to do run 3 but I'm also looking forward to the challenge! Wish me luck and I'll keep you all

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  • You are going to do brilliantly on week 5! I love, love, love that picture and the quote too. :)

  • Well done you, you will do brilliantly, just remember to just pace yourself, it's not a race. Well done and keep going. :-)

  • Da iawn!! I also finished Week 4 this morning and start Week 5 on Monday. I'm nervous/ excited but just want Friday to be over with so can hopefully say YES!!!!

    Will keep a look out for your posts and will be sending you good luck vibes.

    From one Welsh woman to another pob lwc :-)

  • Hi Benmum, thanks for the good luck wishes. I'm sure we'll both get through it with Laura's help!!! I am Welsh and proud of it but born to English parents and not Welsh speaking. I am from Port Talbot but have been living just outside York for the last nine years. I look forward to hearing how next week goes. Xxx

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