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A knee question

I have been fine up until week three (just started it) but knees are now in lots of pain! Skipped two days (have been doing every other up until now) and went out today but had to stop with the jogs half way through and walk as too painful. When I was little I used to wear leg splints as I have dyspraxia and used to walk incorrectly. As a teen I then had heel cups to correct my gait (I used to walk with too much pressure on my big toes and do not bend my feet properly). I have not had issues as an adult (now 30). I am not really sure whether this is just normal 'runner's knee' or if I should check out how I walk/run? I have done the wet foot test and it appears I have high arches. Advice would be very welcome.

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If you haven't had your gait analyzed and picked up proper running shoes, I highly recommend trying that. It can make a world of difference, and may be all you need.

If you already tried that and it hasn't been good enough, you can try a couple things:

1) At home remedies: ice packs after each run, plus careful stretching as soon as you cool down, and take some acetominophen to reduce inflammation

2) Especially since you have a history of bio-mechanical issues, check in with your GP or physiotherapist. You may need special insoles, some special exercises or other supports. If one part of your body is a little off (for example, your high arches and your foot not bending properly) other parts may have to work overtime to compensate. Your knees are in a vulnerable position in that case, and could be taking up the slack for something else, which is why treating your knees alone may not be enough - hence the doctor visit.

3) You can also consider running every 3rd day instead of every 2nd day, or even every fourth day. An extra day's rest may give your body time to recover from the high-impact stress of running. (I recommend going for walks on one of your rest days, especially if you take 3+ days in between, to keep some of the cardiovascular gains without the high-impact. Or, even better, go for swims on the off days.)


As a person with leg issues I would advise getting your gait checked out. I had congenital talapies in both feet when born which has left me with limited ankle movement so all of the muscles in my leg suffer if I have not got the shoe thing right. I now wear high stability new balance trainers which give me the support I need. I always used my feet as an excuse not to run, but I now realise that there are things out there to help so I can do it. I am now in week 3 and loving it, I have even run/walked to my mum's which is 4.3km away.


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