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running outside - take 2

Thanks so much for all the replies following my disasterous beach run on Wednesday.

Well today was run day again and sadly I felt very tired went to a beach but it was very warm too so left it.

On the way home later when it felt much cooler we stopped again itwas very firm as it was used for the cars to drive on. My husband was doing his run and I was going to sit in the car. Sat there for 5 minutes and then that nagging task master started in my head. Saying I had failed because I hadnt tried and i should stop feeling sorry for myself and to get out of the car and at least try.

Hadnt realised that when i started off with OH last run we started off quite fast so as I was on my own really slowed it down. Anyway bottom line I complete a week one run really pleased as I did feel tired. Felt so much better when I had finished so at least I have made a start.

We are in a hotel with a gym for the next run so I will do a long run as I am so scared of loosing the ability for running for 30 minutes.

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You have made the transition - the rest is just time. Mental barrier out of the way. Enjoy your gym run.


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