Better week

Better week

Was feeling very disappointed last week, going slow, no progress and all that.

However, this week is a lot better, stopped analysing how I was going to cope, and just went out to enjoy the runs.

This morning I felt a good, despite stopping to walk for a minute twice during the run. I did 5.23 km in 36 mins today .

6.12km in 44 mins Wednesday

4.63km in 34 mins on Monday.

I love running around this small lake were everyone is always so friendly. Thanks to all for the support

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  • Don't know if 'improvement' is always linear and I think it is important to enjoy and remember the health gains we get running. And stop and look at the daisies ...

  • what a beautiful place for a run!

  • It is a horribly hard thing to stop doing that 'analysing' thing. My best runs (actually my best most things) are the ones where I can switch that part of my brain off and the more you can do it the better it seems to be. Incidentally I find it almost impossible.....

    Just enjoying the moment is so rare in life. You can't analyse every moment just look at the trend over a long period and hopefully the graph points the right way :-)

    And I agree it is a beautiful spot for a run, you are very lucky, I hop eyou keep enjoying it (or most of it anyway ;-) ).

  • I hear your pain burstcouch. I find I enjoy it so much more when I'm not so focused on the stats... But we are human too I guess and always looking for that improvement. I find I plateau a lot with my running. Seems I run the same distances or times over and over no matter how hard I try then suddenly I can do more or faster... A slow process though.

  • Thanks well lets see what this week brings folks. Distance is what I want to achieve, but must be patient too.

    Hope the weather is better for all.

  • You have no need to worry, your stats are impressive ;) Beautiful place to run, you're very lucky, I agree that when you aren't so focused on the distance etc it becomes more enjoyable, so enjoy :)

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