Couch to 5K

Change of schedule! Sticking to the plan tho :-)

Wk5 run3 was due today. However I have recently been wrestling with two issues. The first is that C25k is my first step towards a bigger goal of a 10k and then eventually a half marathon (and then who knows maybe a marathon....) To achieve that I will eventually have to do long runs on Sundays to fit with my work pattern and other commitments. So I need to change the days that I run from my current pattern. The second issue is that I need to move off the treadmill and onto running in the big bad world! So I've taken the decision to change the schedule of my runs so that the run 3's are all on a Sunday starting from Wk5 Run 3 on this Sunday which will be done in the local park. Woo hoo! Simples :-)


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Sounds like a good plan and running outside is much more fun!


Be prepared for an adjustment period... It's a bit different from treadmill running. Once you get into it you'll want to do every run outside! I like your clear goals.


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