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The Day the Music Died !!! and with it my run :-(

Sunday, Wk 8 Run 2.

Well, I set out with a low battery on the phone hoping that the music and Laura would last for the duration of the run, but after about 15 minutes, and far from home.....The music died !!

OMG, what to do now??

Not wanting to take out my headphones as they woud dangle and hit me in the face whilst running I left them in and carried on. The problem then was with headphones in, it amplified my panting and breathing to such an extent that this became my main focus and because it was so loud, before long I had convinced myself I should turn around and run home before I suffered some sort of respiratory failure!!

Nearing the end I took out the headphones and realised that I was just breathing as I always did and couldn't believe that I had been robbed of my run by such a silly reaction to Laura and her tunes disappearing suddenly from my life.

So....EPIC FAIL recorded on the calendar and wk 8 run 2 was repeated on Wednesday with music and a full run. One to go then on to week 9 and Graduation :-)

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I so get where you are coming from, I did this not once but twice, you would think I would have learnt first time around.............note to self check batteries. Well done on repeating and completing the end is in sight, you are doing great. I did my first solo run since graduation today and actually missed Laura telling me when to run etc, but its time to spread my wings and go it alone :)


Well done, I'm looking forward in a way to having my own music, but I will miss Laura.

By the way, how do you get your graduation thingy after your name??


Hi Andy,

Well done in persevering with W8R2 !

For the well earned green badge you will have to click into "Directory, the administration and drop an email to JR21.

If you want a good music for you future runs I can suggest

There is one track from Jeff Galloway a US Olympic marathoner. I am training myself for next year marathon with his books.

Good luck with W9 !



Oh I hate it when the music dies! I cannot stand running without music, I can hear my breathing and I don't like it!!! I also don't like when my earphones fall out, flap around all over the place and completely put me off ( I am easily put off )

Anyway, onwards and all that guff, Well done for carrying on :)


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