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1st run since graduating

What on earth possessed me to go for a run straight after nightshift OMG that was so tough, but at least i can be satisfied that I tackled the first run without Laura.............I had intended to run for 4 miles but my legs were so heavy after working all night that I only managed to run 3.2miles in 30.21mins, still on target but hopefully on Sunday I can push it that little bit further perhaps 3.5miles then go for 4 on the next one.

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I did the "run after night shift" thing once and swore to never do it again - couldn't believe how hard I found it, despite the fact that I actually felt quite awake!


I'm only on week 4, and I did my second run of the week after a night shift, and it felt really hard. I didn't want to get behind on my schedule, but I shall only run on days off in future. If I can ever run for 3 miles that'll be great, keep it up, Joonie, we need inspiration.


Hey Roz, you will run 3 miles, trust me follow the plan and you can do it. i know when I started that first week there was no way on earth I thought it was possible, but it is :) I am now even reading about running, I have just started reading "born to run " fascinating, good luck with your running and keep it up. I considered running this morning after my nightshift but have decided sleep first then run


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