Couch to 5K

Glebe - I will be avenue!A minute off last week's time and I intend to master this hill if it's the last thing I do!

Yep, glutton for punishment, and back for more of it a week later for another workout up and down this hill from hell.

Talks to self: "Woop, a minute off, I must analyse IN MINUTE DETAIL to make sure that the speed is being gained on the uphill bit....drat, can you tell I'm becoming a bit obsessional??? Stop it Carole!! I bet it's not, I bet it's just that I'm getting better on the downhills....oh for goodness sake woman! There's no hope for you is there?"

:) CaroleC

2 Replies

Blimey Carole, you're very determined. Well done !


Great to see the motivation (obsession) shining through! I do a road called 'Hill Street' at the end of my runs for a bit of fun... Keep it up Carole!


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