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Running in my sleep - apparently it's faster!

Having put off W8R3 yesterday, I felt obliged to go out in the rain this morning to complete it. After all, I won't be able to run over the weekend as my husband is going to be away.

I can't say I was exactly raring to go this morning. I had a late night last night (I've recently started my own business as an independent Pampered Chef consultant and I had a Show last night) and didn't get to bed until getting on for midnight. My darling little boy, however, has no concept of lie-ins and came toddling through to see us at some time before 5am. He got into bed with us, which meant no more sleep for me. At 6am I decided that enough was enough and, anyway, I had better let the chickens out. So it was a little after 7am that I went out for my run in the rain.

I would quite like running in the rain if I had some decent wet-weather running gear. But I don't. My coat is, correction: was, showerproof but not very breathable. I have nothing remotely showproof for my legs. And despite it being a wet morning, it's still quite warm and I would have preferred to dispense with the coat altogether. Maybe that's the answer.

I put my headphones in and turned on the podcast and nearly deafened myself. OK. Turn the volume down... That's better. And off I went, forgetting my bottle of water, which I had carefully filled and put down. Did I mention that I didn't get enough sleep last night? I realised about halfway through my warm-up walk that I didn't have my water and decided that I could probably manage without it as I don't drink while I'm actually running (I'd probably either choke or spill it).

Once Laura told me it was time to start running I set off. I kept a reasonably steady pace and still had breath to greet the local dog-walkers with a cheery, "Good morning!". Last time I ran I got almost 9 times round the rec. Today I thought I might manage to make the full 9 times round. In fact, I managed just over (and I do mean just). So that's Week 8 done and dusted.

I've got two days off now. Week 9 beckons. I know I can do it, having done the Race for Life on Sunday. I'm glad I decided to keep running for the duration of that as all the runs I have left on this programme are of shorter duration than the 5K I did on Sunday. At some point I hope that I will be able to cover 5K in 30mins but I don't have to do it next week. If I keep pushing for the final minute I should gradually manage to pick up my speed for the whole run. I have seen such a huge improvement in my ability to run in a few short weeks that I am sure that if I keep doing what I'm doing it won't be too long before I can run 5K in 30mins.

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Well done Miss_T_Ide! Graduation is so close now and you already know you can do it! The great thing about being slow is you get 3 graduations! (30mins, 5k, 5k in 30 mins - I've managed the first 2! :-) !) I like running in the rain but can't stand waterproofs. If it's not cold I just wear normal gear and get wet. At least it minimises my tomato face!

The good news about kids is they do eventually turn into teenagers and then you get some sleep. My 12 year old (always ready to party at 5am as a baby and toddler) now has to be dragged out of bed at 10am on the weekends. Still working on the 7 year old but at least he can turn on the TV himself now so he only sometimes arrives for a cuddle at 6am! Enjoy it while it lasts - I know I will miss those early morning cuddles when they're gone. :-)


My little boy is 3 and has Down's Syndrome, so I'm expecting the cuddles to continue for quite some time yet. :-)

OK, so I've done a 5K, and I did it in 35½ minutes (ran the whole thing!). But I've only done that once, so I suppose I can't count that as the first two graduations!


Those are very special cuddles. My little friend Emma has Down's and she is the champion hugger of the world! :-)

It's fantastic that you have already done both 5K and 35 1/2 mins and a Race for Life and a new business! All in the one week! Phew. I'm off for a lie down just reading about it! Well done you!


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