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Well done me!!!

Did run 3 of week 1 with no problems, legs felt good and by the end I was disapointed I had finished it.

I was so disapointed and sill felt the buzz so I did Run 1 of week two straight after.

At first it felt hard but I carried on and then realy enjoyed it.

Now I am activly doing something to get fit again I have drank a lot less and I mean a LOT LESS.

I never used to have breakfast just loads of coffee, then go all day until eating on the evening, not a very good routine I know.

Now I have marmalade on toast in the morning, make sure I eat during the day and eat a good dinner when I get home, and I feel good for it.

Next run Saturday, will keep updates coming. :)

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Good work & completed W2R1 straight after, nutter! Keep it going, I'm with ya, bring on Saturday.


Good for you! Well done :D


Congrats on your runs, as well as changing lifestyle. Studies show that people who exercise tend to want to eat right, and vice versa. It is a self-sustaining cycle. Keep at it, and you will amaze yourself!


Thanks for the great feedback, "see you on the ice"


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