Couch to 5K

Week 2 Session 2

Well after my indoor attempt wimping out of the rain I did the second Week 2 session. Not too bad but really could not have done any more at the end of the final run - my cool down walk got slower and slower!! Took a sneaky peak at Week 3 and the thought of 3 minutes is very scary. But that is how I felt after Week 1 Session 2 .... a friend wants to join me at the weekend so it will be interesting to see how our paces match ..... If I am to run in the evening I need to put on some insect repellent as despite long sleeves I got bitten :(

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Don't despair Lambykin. I have taken a sneaky peak at every week as it approaches and almost convinced myself that it was impossible. But have finished W6 and although its hard have completed every run . Listen to Laura and you will be fine. I plodalong and keep my pace slow and steady and breathe( or rather gasp)a sigh of relief when I hear only 60 secs to go . Its worth it for that sense of achievement .


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