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W7R2 - somehow managed it!

Well I set off as normal around half 7 this morning to go and do my run, week 7 run 2. Thought I'd go a different route to normal, as suggested by Laura, and almost failed!

The path I decided to take was a loose gravel path and it was really hard work, but I stuck with it, kept to the pace, managed to find another path halfway through, and got back on track in focusing for my run, and I did it, even managed to speed up at the end! Go me! As Laura said, an official runner now, so am really pleased to have kept up with the programme.

If someone had told me 7 weeks ago that I'd run for 25 minutes without stopping, I wouldn't have believed them, but me, a runner! Go me that's all I can say!

Wouldn't quite say I love running, yet! But I do love the feeling when I've completed the runs, total satisfaction! Roll on W7R3 and then W8!! Nearly there.

The blogs on here really keep me focused and going to, so thanks guys! Good luck to you all out there.

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Well done! I've just come back from my w7r2! Pouring rain really helped me along! I found it better than the first run this week which was my "bad run". Yes, isn't it amazing how far we've come? I hope you enjoy the rest of the runs. Just think, we'll be graduates after only 7 more runs!!!


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