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Wk9 Run 1 - I did it!

This time last week I wrote a post feeling a little deflated after having failed wk8 4X (had to walk mid way through each of my attempts) - ONE WEEK LATER, and I have just returned home after completed Week 9 Run 1. I really wanted to share my joy so here I am letting you know that I made it - 30 minutes without having to stop !!!!!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post last week, and to everyone else who has shared their experiences on the site. Being able to read about other people's highs and lows made me realise that I wasn't the only one who found it tough at times, and that with a bit of self belief and a big dollop of willpower you can make it. I 've got a couple more runs yet before I graduate but now I have managed it once I know that I can do it again ....

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Fantastic! The best part is that you're already a winner because you didn't let the small setback of week 8 get you down. You jumped right back in and showed week 8 who's boss by beating the 1st run of week 9. :) Keep going - you're almost there.


great news! 30 minutes feels like so much further than the 20 minutes in week 5 that everyone worries about. Remember that? There are always going to be runs that don't go as planned, but, just as you did, it's important to keep on. Enjoy your running and let us know when you've got your graduate badge :)


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