Couch to 5K

Slug jumping is my new hobby!

I start week 3 running tomorrow and am trying a new route, I just hope that there are not quite as many slugs and snails tomorrow. I seem to keep timing my runs just after it has rained (not on purpose, I just seem to be a lucky girl) but I really don't like treading on slimy things so I think I must be running further going round them or looking very athletic and jumping over them. Let's hope it stays a bit drier tomorrow and the slugs stay in bed, you never know we might even get some sunshine.....ok so unlikely but I can hope!

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I have been toying with this problem - have come to the conclusion that need to send ducks ahead of me to clear the way!! Negotiating with local farmer to borrow his runner ducks...


Wow...C25K and steeplechase combined! What a RUNNER!


hehehe Slug jumping new addition to the C25K podcasts!


Ha! I was going to post a similar thread re the slugs out there this morning! They should definately add it in as an Olympic event and we could all enter!

I seem to time it just after the rain too - my only problem is that the slugs seem to be keeping the same pace as me. Hmmmm

Well done on completing week 2 and good luck with week 3 - you can do it( slugs or no slugs!)??


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