A nice run

Well, I was looking forward to trying to repeat my 5k in 30 min performance of the other night, but, my husband decided to join me and insisted we do a different route - one that involves a long ascending hill on the way back - so I knew I was on a hiding to nothing! That said, I did manage to complete 6k in 40 minutes, so I feel pretty OK about it, especially since the homeward ascent is pretty gruelling. Most of the run was spent with me viewing the rear-side of my husband as he sped off...but I was thrilled when an elderly lady who was out pruning her roses said to me, 'ooooh, there's a nice young man in front of you, hurry up, and you might catch him', I replied, 'that's OK, he's my husband - I'm sure I'll catch up to him eventually'!

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  • 6k in 40 mins is something I'd b happy with!! Hope you caught that 'nice young man'!

  • Thank you! And yes I did! You see....I had the house keys - I'm no fool!

  • Lol seems you already caught your nice young man! Stories like this keep me chuckling... great run!

  • Glad it gave you a chuckle!

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