Couch to 5K

Week 1 rest/recovery day today

Week 1 run 1 yesterday, aching like crazy today but looking forward to doing my second run tomorrow. Don't know why but getting quite excited about the whole thing now(call me crazy I know), probably the fact that reading everyone's blogs the huge benefit and speed of progression you get from this program.

Key thing fo me is to keep motivated and if I get stuck on a stage It is demotivating, I know you have to keep at It to get past the stumbling blocks, a lot of you guys have shown me that. Anyway, bring on tomorrow!!!!

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It's always good to take on a new project and to look forward to the journey. It's a great programme and I'm sure you've read about all the benefits bloggers on here have found. Nine weeks isn't long for the mind or body to become used to a new habit so I'm sure you won't find it difficult to stay motivated. Try and think long-term because when you get through the programme it's good to have a target, like joining in local runs or joining a running club and that will hold your interest. You might also find you want to try others sports, (cycling, hiking, swimming) which will be great for overall fitness and stamina. c25k is just the start of great things! Enjoy your running :)


I'll keep an eye on this blog as we're starting together. Run 3 for me on Friday, kinda looking forward to it already - weird. Just hope it gets easier!


can't promise the runs get easier but each time you complete one you'll get such an amazing sense of achievement you can't wait for the next


Felt great after completing w1,r2 today! I'll be with you on Friday steve.

I know what you mean about the excitement jimbob. It feels like we might actually do this thing!


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