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W9R3 - I did it

Wow finding it hard to believe but I did it. I remember my first run of week one as if it was yesterday and now here I am week 9 run 3 completed. I have never been a runner but I can now say I am a runner. Running is something I was never able to do and previously whenever I made an attempt I always ended up in pain. In my first week of C25K I was struggling with the 60 seconds now I am doing 4.8ks in 30mins and I feel great and proud. I started running so I could keep up with my dogs in agility classes and now I have to start C25K all over again with my dogs to get them fit enough to run with me.

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Congratulations! Good luck with the dog training :)


Well done you and a great run result too! I hope to join you on Friday though unless this flippin rain stops I may have take a snorkel!

Did you mean it about the dogs? I would be interested in how you get on because I have a definite couch potato in our greyhound. She hasn't been able to come with me lately because the runs are too long and she gets stressed. I know greyhounds are sprinters not long distance dogs but I would love to be able to get her comfortable enough to come with me, especially as I'm planning to do B210K after this, but ..... that may be a bridge to far!

Congratulations again Graduate, enjoy your day!


Yep sure do mean it about the dogs, they are the reason I started this so if I had to do it they can too. I have 2 labradoodles and they are only active when I am. Will keep you informed on my progress with them. I might have to sign them up so they can have a graduate badge as well (if they finish that is). I am sure if I can drag myself through the first week of 60secs to 30mins they will too. We live in Australia so we are in the middle of winter, no rain but cold, the dogs have very long coats so I need to get them used to running before summer or they will get too hot ( will clip them for summer).


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