Couch to 5K

Week 2 done, now for week 3!

I have finally completed week 2 after about 4 weeks. I managed week 1 with no problems but half way through week 2 my knees just stopped working and there was no chance I would be running as even walking was a problem and I had to give in and use the lift at work, the first time in about 5 years, as the stairs were just too much for me. But I rested them as much as I could, not sure that 8 hours on my allotment moving my shed was a good idea, but eventually they stopped hurting and in a new pair of trainers I revisited a week one run just to make sure I was ok.

That was over a week ago and I have now finally finished week 2. I start week 3 on Thursday with a run to my mums. My sister is over here from Canada and the last time she saw me, which was only 6 weeks ago on my trip out there, I could not have run even for a minute and would never consider running/walking the 4.5km to mums. So she may get a surprise when I turn up on foot!

Let's just hope somebody can take me home as I think to do it both ways may be a bit too much at the moment, but that does sound like a good challenge for the future!

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Congrats on making it through week 2. :) I too have some fairly serious knee problems, and I found it necessary to be very gentle with them going through this program. Having good, proper running shoes is very important, and I am glad they seem to be working for you.

If you find that you have continuing knee problems, you may choose to see a doctor about it. Depending upon your diagnosis, there are often good exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles around your knees and keep them in good shape for your runs. Best of luck!

(And way to go, with your plan to go to your Mom's on foot. That is an awesome way to show off your new skills!)


well done! I just finished week 2 this morning after about six weeks of stopping and starting due to illness. I'm so pleased to be back on track and looking forward to starting week 3 on Friday..


I am sticking with another Wk 2 rather than trying Wk 3 as I too am having trouble with my knees - just under the kneecap ... will try another Wk 2 on Tuesday but if its still the same may drop back to walking until I can get myself some proper running shoes (no spare cash this month!) .... would rather slow things down than risk longer term damage ....


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