Couch to 5K

W4 R2

Up at 5:30 this morning and out by 5:50 (does it take anyone else this long to get ready for the run?!). Needed to be out the house for work at 7:10, so had to get a wiggle on once I got back.

Felt really proud of myself for completing the run, however horrific I felt at the time. I struggled to complete R1 properly (took a couple of walking breaks during the 5min runs), so I was determined to not stop at all today.

I'm thinking I might have to do a couple of extra week 4 runs before I move on to week 5. I am in no way ready to run for more than the five minutes - it almost kills me.

Somehow, I feel like my lungs could just about take it, but my legs (was originally calves, but today was shins, knees, hips, just everything!) are pushed to their limit. I'm sure my legs will get stronger, but did anyone else get hindered by their slow/achy limbs?

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Have you tried slowing down a little that may help with the distance. I was very slowbut it helped and now I have graduated I will work on the speed,

But we are doing this programme at our own pace so if repeating seems right to you then it is.

Good luck.


When I first started the program, my knees and ankles hurt so much after each run. Then I did a little research on different sneakers, and found that the removable inserts in most running shoes provide minimal support when new and degrade significantly after use. So, I looked for some replacement inserts, and bought some by a company called Spenco. After my first run with them in my shoes the soreness in my knees and ankles was much less, and now that I've had them for a few weeks I hardly have any pain at all. They are sold in the U.S., and I am unsure if they are available across the pond, but I do suggest that you look into getting shoe inserts for your running shoes.


I always feel like I'm let down by my limbs before my cardiovascular system gives out! It's SO ANNOYING.

If it helps, the first run of week 5 (which I am doing today) is 3x 5 minute runs, so not too huge up from week 4.


Well I thought I did great Tuesday when I did my W4R1, I suprised myself. However W4R2 yesterday was tough for me. Really felt it in my legs on second 3min run as I had to go uphill and I think my legs were worn out from R1. I couldn't really run much slower either. Now after R2 I have niggly pains in my shin bones about 2inches below knee. This may effect my R3. I am feeling a bit dispondant. This week sure is tough and you are not the only one. The weather is not helping either I think. Too hot !!!! Don't try and run too fast in this heat. You will get heat exhaustion very quickly. Slowly but surely isn't that the saying?

We have to both keep at it and we will have to repeat W4 if need be. Just remember I am doing and feeling the same as you as so are many others out there. That thought keeps me going.

I agree with Bloodofareptile, W5R1 does not seem that bad. No worse than W4. Might try to do this one and repeat this one run for an entire week rather than do W4 again. Depends on my little leggies on my W4R3 Sunday!!!


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