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Complicated but what do I do now?

I completed all my runs last week, running at 4.5 mph. I now want to up the speed before considering upping the distance.

At the weekend I did 30 mins at 5 mph (which nearly killed me but never mind!)

Today I decided to do intervals of sorts - run 4 mins at 5.5mph and walk 1 min at 3.5 mph which I repeated 6 times.

So which is better? I found today easier apart from the last run.

I eventually want to be able to do 5k in 30 mins which means I need to up the speed to 6mph.

I also know I need to increase the incline on the treadmill or run outside but I plan to do those once I am running 5 k in 39 mins.

Any suggestions gratefully received and I hope the above makes sense!

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The interval training, especially at high intensity, is probably going to increase your speed effectively. (Google Fartlek method for tons of info). Doing anything that challenges you further will also make you ultimately faster (increase the incline, and when you go back to flat, you will be able to go faster/ run just a tiny bit faster at each run, or each week, and you will obviously be faster/ try tempo running: run "slow" a couple minutes, "fast" for one or two minutes, rinse and repeat - apparently this is VERY effective.

Or you can run 5K at whatever speed you do (have you actually done a full 5K yet? you don't say.) Note the speed and aim to increase it a tiny bit each run or each week.

Good luck!


you could also try increasing your walking speed as a general rule, even when you are not at the gym. Try walking at 4-4.5mph on the treadmill so you can adopt that pace walking day-to-day. Nine weeks isn't much time to increase stamina so don't try to rush it, but a brisk walk every day will do lots for your heart and lungs. You don't need to increase the incline if you build up stamina with greater walking speed and that will make it easier to run faster.


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