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Oops time off, first run back

So, exactly 3 weeks ago tonight I did my last run w8r1. Then I went away on honeymoon, fully prepared and took my running gear to carry on with the programme. Thing is one thing lead to another and the fun of the holiday kinda made it 'difficult' to run. We were touring, didn't spend two nights in the same place, what with having to be out of rooms and campsites in the morning etc it was difficult. So there, I've made my crappy excuse, I could have done it but I couldn't be bothered when instead I could be eating a full Scottish breakfast/enjoying meal/ sightseeing. :)

I was a little bit nervous to get back into it but today I thought it best not to think about it. Prepared myself for a possible crap run by thinking it didn't matter, the important thing was to get back out there. Just got in, needn't have worried 30mins sorted, with my own music and *gasp* no Laura.

How's everyone else doing? The look of the site has even changed since I last logged on :)

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Congrats on the wedding! I don't blame you for not running on holiday, i wouldn't have either :)


Congratulations! Plenty of time for running - only one honeymoon :)

Glad you had a lovely time and now back to some serious running! :)


Well if you can't do what you feel like on honeymoon I don't know when you can! Congrats and hope you both had a lovely time. We were so cream crackered after all the fun and stress of our wedding that we slept for about 3 days (actually slept for all you with dirty minds!). Well done for getting back on the running wagon. You are so close to graduating so keep up the good work! :-)


Thanks guys x x


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