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I did it! I did it! Week 6 Run 3 :o)

I didn't manage W5R3 first time but this one I did. I just kept going, every time my mind started to let me feel tired I pushed that thought away and imagined light, flying legs!

I must have looked a bit daft towards the end, I had to cross a busy road and the pedestrian lights were taking an age so I jogged round in circles in the middle of the road!

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Well done flowerbox! It's amazing what the power of the mind can achieve. Virtually every run I feel as though I'm not going to make it for the first 5-10 minutes and then I manage to convince myself to keep going and it seems to work out. I'm so pleased for you - welcome to week 7.

I've also done that jogging on the spot dance at the lights! You just have to shut everybody out and carry on regardless, don't you? Good luck with the next week and enjoy your day of rest.


I'm doing this run tomorrow so thanks for the encouraging thoughts. When my legs are feeling like lead I will have to think - light flying legs. :)


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