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Yay! Week 5 run 3 nailed. It IS possible!

Well, fortified by encouragement from you lovely people I set out yesterday afternoon to attempt the dreaded 20 minutes. I thought that running at all would be better than staying on the couch, so I'd see how I got on. I'm not sure I could have done a minute longer, but I managed it. It seems so unlikely that that leap is possible, but it is! Doing it with no podcast meant I had to sing a lot of songs in my head to keep me going!!! Oh, and I'm glad I'd read advice on here to keep going and not stop - I would never have started again.

Good luck to all of you who are coming up to this. You can do it!

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Fantastic! And to do it without the podcast too! There is something magical about this programme. We keep finding that little bit extra, just when we need it. Good luck and you are more than half way through now! :)


Thanks HollyO and, yes, the programme does seem almost like magic - it was hard to believe it would be possible to run for that long!


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