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First Parkrun - 31 minutes. Boom!!!

So, I completed my first Parkrun yesterday morning and loved it!

Everyone was so friendly and encouraging and I was surprised to see such a cross section of people taking part.

I decided to run without my I Pod which is a first, but I actually really enjoyed the sounds of the great outdoors and actually hearing that I wasn't THAT out of breath!!

The time went really quickly and once I found a good pace I didn't feel the pressure to catch up with those who had over taken me!

The encouragement of those runners at the finish line who completed the run a good 14 minutes before me was the boost I needed to get me sprinting over the line!

Will be doing it again really soon. I would highly recommend.

Thanks to those of you who advised me prior to my run x

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Congratulations! I would like to try it but I am worried about being last! Not sure I could cope but yours sounds like a good experience and supportive so I should give it a try :)


I've been last out of 800+. Its not that bad, honest. You make others feel good that they are not last and get a sense of accomplishment least I finished. Plus if you put in a slow time its that bit easier to improve it.


How beautifully put made me smile. Can't wait to be last now ha ha


Well done for going for it. I may think about it after my race for life if I need motivation to keep running. My local one is 9 am at the weekend, not sure that's a good time for me to run, usually still waking up lol!


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