Couch to 5K

How doI get Graduate added to my profile?

I completed Week 9 about a month ago - but then had to stop due to a historic back injury recurring (nothing to do with running - just a powerful sneeze!!!) - so I have now restarted running and decided to join the forum to ask a question about where I should go back to in the program to ensure I don't "overdo" it.

So I AM official a GRADUATE.......but I don't know how to get the little green sign next to my name.... Any clues?? (Sad I know - but I've never GRADUATED anything before :-( )


Gladbags x

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click on directory link, JR21 under admin and send a message. Your badge will appear! Congratulations, wear it with pride :)


Well done and congratulations.


30+ years ago I slipped a disk with a powerful sneeze, just as you described it. It recurred from time to time for 25-some years, usually remedying itself in time. But it was taking longer and longer to do so and eventually I went to a chiropractor who took one look and said Hmm, in the way they do. Long story short, it's now resolved. No problems for at least 5 years, including while running, shovelling manure on allotments etc. I now go to the chiropractor only every 4 months for a quick tweak. So if you aren't doing this already it may be worth thinking about chiropractic to sort it out permanently.

And the advice about getting your graduate badge is spot on. Well done!!


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