W2R3 - Ouch? Should I repeat?

Loving being out and though found it hard, W1 felt good. However, having missed 4 days, I did W2R1 on Sat, then R2 on Sun which I finished but found hard & left me with chronic calf pain. Had day of rest and did R3 tonight. Finished it but calf pain horrendous again. I have proper running shoes, but I'm very overweight. Does anyone else feel like they're useless, and does anyone have any tips? Dreading W3- trying to be positive by thinking that if I can keep doing it with all this extra weight, imagine how fast I'll be when I'm slim lol ;0)


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8 Replies

  • Well done at least you're out and running. I completed the programme on a treadmill and am amazed that I did that, but I have now ventured outside into the big wide world. I just keep telling myself that I managed to get through it inside and I'm sure that I can do it outside. Just trust the plan and keep up the good work :-)

  • You're not useless. You're off the couch and running! It's all a bit of a shock to the body at first especially if you have not been doing any exercise at all so be gentle with yourself! Try RICE for the calf pain (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and maybe an anti- inflammatory like ibuprofen. I found gentle stretches when I came back from a run helped as I get very tight muscles in my calves and some people swear by running a cold shower over their legs. Brrrrr! If it's really not getting better don't risk making it worse - frustrating though an enforced rest may be. At least you have got a running injury. I bashed by toe on the piano stool about week 3 and could not run for nearly 3 weeks. How stupid was that? Maybe you could try some other form of exercise so you maintain the fittness you have achieved eg swimming or cycling. I went cycling instead when I could not run but did not enjoy it nearly so much! Good luck! :0)

  • I think you are a bit over enthusiastic, it's soooo tempting to feel on a high and miss those rest days. The rest days are so important they give your body time to recover as you are expecting it to do new things. Relax and take the holy rest day and your body will reward you. Hope your pain goes away soon.

  • Hi, ditto for me - really struggled with w2, legs felt like lead afterwards and was hobbling everywhere. I was tempted to repeat the week as well (nothing wrong with that). Not sure if I did the right thing but took two rest days, ibuprofen and started week 3 at a slower pace and (so far) r1 and r2 not as bad as I thought they would be.

  • Ouch I have completed Wk2 run 3 tonight and my Knees are mucho oucho! I am overweight to! I will be walking like John Wayne! I repeated week one twice and was really worried about doing week 2, now I am positively petrified about wk3! xxx Good Luck!

  • Thanks guys. Making myself rest until at least tomorrow morning. Will do W3R1 then or Sat morning. Everything crossed! Good luck to everyone else, esp all thoughs also hobbling lol :0)

  • Those even!

  • Did W3R2 this morning after 4 days rest. Much easier than anticipated tho was glad to slow down after the 2nd 3 minutes. Will rest couple of days before next one. Good luck to all this week :0)

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