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Inside v Outside

Why Oh why. Tonight I did a 30 minute run on the treadmill but when I run outside I have had to go right back to week 1. I have managed to finish week 1 running over the park this week but I find it so hard just to keep going. I cant understand why I find it so draining and just seem to plod along. Oh well will try week 2r1 on Thursday and just hope I can keep going as I have a race for life on the 14th July.

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Are you running over grass? I have done all my training outside and remember early on I had selected a route that was not long enough and went over the grass rather than the path. It's a lot harder.


I'm on my second time around (finished Week 8 last time, went on safari holiday, couldn't run, all downhill from then :( ) and this time I'm running on grass. First time was on a gym treadmill and it was very different. I was told to set the incline to 1% to give the same level of difficulty as running outside on a hard surface but even so running on grass is MUCH harder. I find I prefer it, now. It's more natural, the uneven recreation ground surface means I'm having to work harder, the fresh air is nicer than a/c and on sunny days it helps build my tan!

I wonder if you are trying to run at the same speed on grass as you did on the treadmill? You may not be quite as fast and by trying to keep up the speed may be exhausting yourself and running out of steam. Just a thought.


I know exactly what you mean! I have run for 26+ minutes on the treadmill, but tried to do 25 minutes outside on Monday and failed miserably! I will try again tonight, I know it's definitely not that I am running too fast since my pace is that of a very old tortoise ... and I'm not running on grass, just paths. I think that even if you set the treadmill on an incline, it doesn't really replicate the unevenness of the ground and it also keeps you at that constant pace which is hard to keep steady and constant when running outdoors.

It can only improve though, so just keep going, each time you will get a bit further, remember when you first ran on a treadmill you probably only ran for a minute or two but now you can run for 30! :)

Good luck!


Thanks for you comments. I am glad its not only me that finds it harder. I dont think that I;m running too fast as I too am tortoise speed, where I run there are varied surfaces, grass, path and wooded area. I do enjoy running outside and I agree it can only improve I would never have thought that I could run when I first started this programme. Will try my first run of week 2 today and see how that goes.


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