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Hit a wall

I have done well on the plan - have done it religiously, never not completed what Laura has asked and always felt that is was achievable, albeit hard. Today was different - I really struggled (it was run three of week 7 so surely I should be used to these 25 minute runs by now?) What's worse is I have mapped my run and found that in 25 minutes running I am only covering 2.2 miles (about 3.5km), so clearly I'm running very slowly. My route is flattish. Only 2 weeks now from the end and 5k seems very unachievable. what sort of change can I expect in the last two weeks? By the way, I am only 5 foot 1 so does height affect the length of stride and therefore your pace?? Or am I just looking for an excuse?

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Forget about pace, concentrate on running for the set times, no matter how slowly. If you struggled with a run, and don't think you can manage the next one, repeat the run. As many times as you need. The ONLY target here is to run for 30 minutes, don't care how fast, or how long the program takes. Nine weeks is ideal, but more is fine. Once you graduate, then start thinking about pace.


Don't worry, you are having a wobble cos you had a run that didnt go as well as you would have liked. It happens. You are doing fine, it's all about keeping going not how fast. Just keep to the programme, if you are really tired take an extra rest day and you will get there I assure you. When you get to week 9 and can run for 30 mins you will find you can just carry on. Good luck


The aim is to reach 30 minutes and you are so nearly there. You just had your first bad run, so put it behind you. Very very few reach 5k in 30 minutes, it usually takes many more months after the nine weeks to build up pace. So that is to come so don't worry, keep it nice and slow, just aiming to finish the allotted time.

I am five foot one also and I have no idea but height must affect it a bit (I have to do two paces to most peoples one!) Everyone was towering over me at the race on Sunday, but I still did good; the beauty of running is it's all about what we can achieve personally and not comparing ourselves to others.


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