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Restarting Week 8. 1 run bad - 1 run really good

Day 32 // week 8, run 4

I didn't run for a week because of the heat. But totday I got up early and went out again. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do the 28 minutes, but I was treating this run as a "training" run to the 28 minutes I was suppose to do.

As music I had one of the later weeks of a 10k-podcasts, as I thought I would have a) continous music without talking and b) music I don't know. That was a good choice.

I ran for probably 18 or 19 minutes and was already on my way back, when the "I don't want anymore" set in. I knew I would have to run uphill (if you can call it that...) on the way back and was struggling with motivation already. I slowed down, defeated a stitch, but I felt I wasn't going to take on that "hill". So I stopped and walked for a bit. But after 1 or 2 minutes I thought to myself: "If you walk home now you've not even done 20 minutes! And you are home faster if you run..." So I ran again for about 3 minutes and walked the last 50 meters or so.

I wasn't expecting to run the full 28 minutes, so I don't feel annoyed with myself or anything now. Maybe I go out tomorrow evening again and see what I can do.

Day 33 // week 8, run 5

There is a bad run - good run pattern there. I can see it. And today was the good run of the two! And I knew it on my way home already. I got home and it still was beautiful and not too hot weather. Into my trainers I got and off I went. The run went smoothly except for the very first minute when I felt a stitch coming. I was close to giving up on the spot, but now I'm so glad I didn't! I had little stitches about four times during the run, but it never got really bad.

I have MapMyRun set on giving me voice feedback of the time every 5 minutes, the first time after the warm-up walk. But as this run is suppose to be 28 minutes, I don't have that mark as a feedback (I use my own music). That's good because I don't really know when it is 28 minutes and just continued going until the voice announced 30 minutes (or 35 if you count the warm-up).

This means I ran for 30 minutes today and covered 4,27 km. Happy!

Funny how big of a role the right mind-set plays. In my case anyway. I know if it's going to be a good run or not from the start. If everything fits together (don't ask me what "everything" is, I haven't figured that out yet) it will be a very good run. I'm really glad I went out today and kicked of the second attempt on week 8 with a bang! (I'm not counting the Run 4. That was "training". ;))

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SuZi - keep going you are nearly there - you can do this!! :-)


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