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Carry iced water says Stanford University study

My husband read an article in a 'Mens Health' magazine yesterday concerning middle age women runners keeping cool. Well I thought I was cool anyway but...

Stanford University in the USA undertook a study of middle age women runners, many of whom tended to 'overheat' during a run. Being one of these women I think I know what they mean lol, internal thermostat doesn't work properly.

Anyway the women in the study took a small bottle of iced water out on their runs, this was found to cool the blood as it circulates round the body, through the hands and there was less occurance of the 'overheating'. This in turn led to the women being able to run further for longer before getting really hot.

Well I tried this today and yes it works, I certainly kept cooler for longer and yes I think my run was better. A little strange to begin with as the bottle is really cold, but definately give it a try if you get hot, specially in this humid weather, men or women of course :)

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What a good idea - will try it tomorrow - thanks.


I read about this before and have been meaning to try it. I am put off by the idea of having to carry the bottle- not used to that. However I am beginning to run more than 5k now so maybe I need to think about taking a drink with me.


I saw that article in MH too and have tried it. I bought a small (300ml) bottle of Amazon which has a hole in the middle that enables you to drip the bottle easier as I found that most water bottles had a wide diameter and weren't conducive for running with.

I also put my filled bottle in the freezer so that it is frozen at the start, but in no time it melts enough to take sips from. By the end of my 5k, it is always melted (like me!).


Good idea! As a middle aged women who frequently overheats whether I'm running or not I'll be giving this a go


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