Did my first 5K!

I went along to my local running group today and did my first 5K. I originally intended doing the 2mile route that was on offer but when the paths split I decided to do the extra mile. It was a long uphill slog to the top of Old Sarum Castle but the downhill was lovely!!! Very very hard and lots of aching legs but satisfying nonetheless. I came in as the trailer of the group but the group leader said I did well because I managed to hold a conversation until the end - not sure if that was her way of saying I talk too much???

I haven't forgotten you Laura and will still hopefully graduate later this week. Hope everyone else is doing well.

2 Replies

  • Well done on completing the 5k, it's quite an accomplishment :)

  • Well done, that' sounds like a really tough route too, I don't do much in the way of hills but a find up hill a bit easier than down oddly enough!

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