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Week 9 run 1

This afternoon surprised myself, ran 4.5 miles or 7.24 kilometres. It took me 40 mins to run but I am pleased with time and distance.

I have also increased my sit ups from 90 to 105, I don't know we're this extra energy come from especially this my fist day back to work after a few weeks. If I carry on at this rate I should be ready for 2013 Edinburgh Marathon in plenty if time. Surprisingly my appetite hasn't really increase that much. People keep asking me if I have lost weight but the answer is no, I am actually 8lbs heavy then when I started. I am just more toned and my waist has shrunk a couple of inches.

I am slowly turning into a fitness fanatic. I think I need locked up, (ha ha ha).

I can't believe I am on week 9 and only two runs till I officially graduate. So looking forward to run 2 & 3.

I think I will have a bar of chocolate to celebrate on Friday.

So thanks to everyone for their support.

I will keep you posted as to when I reach 10k

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Wow, we'll done, you are clearly running well beyond the target, Good to have a goal, mine is not to stop now I've graduated, yours is a half marathon. Lol


My next goal is Friday and a well deserved chocolate bar, lol


Way to go! That is an impressive start to week 9. Maybe you are a natural-born runner who has found his element! Congratulations.


That is great. I've just managed 5K and feel on top of the world so can't imagine how brilliant you must be feeling. Keep up the good work.


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