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Why does it make you cry??

Just did Wk9R1. Came to it after a break of about 10 days and found it tough going. When I got to the end and Laura said "now you have achieved your goal" I just started bawling and continued to weep as I did the warm down walk, Has this happened to anyone else? I don't usually cry easily, but I just felt overwhelmed!! Felt good about the run afterwards though :-D

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I have also just finished that run and it got me too it wa a real stuggle today but we both got there.


Yes.....W5R3...the first "long" run....tears rolled down my cheeks and a sob wracked my body. I still tear up reading other's blogs of completing that run.

Today's run, W8R2...I could have cried...but in relief that it was

Good running you! Enjoy!


I am so full of admiration for you, I am on wk2 and did run 2 this morning could have cried but not for the same reasons as you! x


It's one of the best things about running. That overwhelming feeling of achievement. And you know that it was all your own hard work, so it just brings out a natural gush of tears! How often do we feel such a sense of pride in what we have done?


I didn't cry but did feel a tinge of loss when I realised Laura and I were shortly to part company. I am female by the way not male - my user name relates to my son - just in case anyone thought I was a bit of a cissy!


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