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Just come in from my w9r1 what a battle

Got to minute 5 expecting to relax and just go with it but it didnt happen and from minute 6 I wanted to stop. Thats when the battle started myself and my stubborn self glad to say stubborn won again.

What also helped was a pinboard for by my treadmill with a picture of my self at Christmas and one on June 1st. Also motivational things Laura has said over the last 8 weeks. Also on a good day in week 7 I did a 30 just to prove I could this helped me through as I knew it was possible.

A quick burst of you can do it at the end of the podcast and I did 31.

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LOL! I just came in from W8R2....hated every step!

Some days are like that, I guess...(well, I KNOW)

Congratulations on completing the run! Almost graduation!


Well Done glendam52 - I've just done W8R2 and wanted to stop afer about 5 minutes but managed to get through - my worst one so far - but I guess it makes success at the end of week 9 all the more sweeter :-)


Thanks I am looking forward to graduating just to prove to myself I can and we all CAN.


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