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Done it this time! W5R3

Thanks for your replies after I failed to manage the full 20 minutes at the first attempt.

I took a few days break before trying it for the second time and this time I did it!

It wasn't easy, each 5 minute block seemed so long and in the last 2 minutes I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other but I didn't stop.

I'm not really feeling the high, I think because it's my second attempt I'm just a glad I completed this hurdle.

Now on to week 6 - that seemed a lifetime away when I was just starting week 1:-)

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Well done for keeping at it, not sure I really find any run much easier than the others while doing them, I think my memory overwrites the horrible bit with the happiness of finishing :)


Well done Flowerbox :) Keep it up!


Congratulations for doing the 20 minutes. I agree with Zagel that we all tend to forget how hard it was and like to dwell on the relief and satisfaction of putting another hurdle behind us. I always find each run difficult, especially at the beginning funnily enough, but it's actually the difficulty that convinces me I'm achieving something. If it was easy there wouldn't be any point/need for us to grind through these stages. Well done you and lets hope week 6 is okay!


Well done, I did mine today, so I know exactly how tough it was! And no, I didn't get a major high either, just the satisfaction of getting a major hurdle out of the way, which is good enough for me at the moment! :-)


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