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Week 4.......phew!!

I am normally lazy and unmotivated but amazingly enough I've made it to week four. The first few weeks I've found tiring but reasonably comfortable, however the first run of week four this moorning took me out of my comfort zone completely. I managed to puff/wheeze/shuffle through the second half of the run and after a LONG shower I feel very pleased with myself. I'm starting to believe I might actually see this through to the end.

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but you didnt stop and that determination will get you through future runs you deserve to feel pleased with yourself.


Well done for puffing and wheezing and shuffling to the end of the run - we all do that at times. It took me more than a couple of weeks for my breathing to get under control and even now on week 6 I find myself gasping for the first five minutes of each run - at least! Don't let a difficult/bad run get you down. Endless number of people have written that "we all have bad runs". Congratulations and good luck with the next run.


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